It’s hard to imagine someone traveling to Hawaiian territory and not having an interest in visiting Hawaii’s beaches, isn’t it? After all, they are at the top of the archipelago’s attractions. The reasons? Simple: they draw attention for their natural beauty, cultural activities with your feet in the sand, the possibility of practicing water sports, etc.

Therefore, we put together an article that lists some of the most interesting beaches in the region for you to visit (and, of course, enjoy a lot!). Keep reading to find out what they are. As a bonus, you will find out about the curiosities of this North American state and the tips on how to plan your international trip!

What are the main beaches in Hawaii?

Our first topic goes straight to the point! You will check out a list of eight beaches in Hawaii that cannot be left out of any visitor’s itinerary. Want to know why? Then check it out!


We started with Waikik Beach. It is known for its crystal blue waters and for being a peaceful spot for bathers of all ages. In addition, the waterfront of the place has great options of bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Which is excellent for those who enjoy having different gastronomic experiences and celebrating on their travels! Click Here for ATV Rental in Hawaii


Mokuleia beach, in turn, is a quiet area with little movement. It is ideal for those who like to enjoy the sun and the sea, without haste. But don’t be surprised by tourists taking pictures and recreating scenes from the series Lost along the stretch of sand.

It’s just that this place was one of the main locations for the TV show. Therefore, it has become, for many fans around the world, a mandatory point to visit and register.

Another of the beaches in Hawaii that deserves your attention is Haleiwa. That’s because the place is one of the most famous surfing spots in the US state, for both amateurs and professionals. In addition, the entire local waterfront has historic buildings, which will make you feel like you’re traveling back in time, straight to the 20’s and 30’s.


Laniakea beach is a visual spectacle in itself. This is because the place, in addition to having a well preserved and untouched nature, is known for being frequented by several turtles. They go to this area to feed, rest or even spawn. Therefore, it is a perfect destination to see animal life up close.


Waimea beach is the right choice for those who want to venture out to sea with surfing and stand up paddle. In addition, the place attracts visitors by the paradise and exclusive island setting, without waterfront or buildings nearby.


The sixth suggestion among the beaches in Hawaii is Pupukea — one of the favorites of those traveling with family. This is because the stretch of sand is connected with a rocky area, where several natural pools are formed. Some are even very shallow, ideal for children.

In addition, the space allows visitors to practice diving to check the seabed, observe the corals and swim with small fish.

Sunset Beach:

Sunset Beach doesn’t get its name for nothing. The place is known for having one of the most beautiful sunsets in the entire archipelago. To top it off, the beach is also one of the favorite places for those who like to snorkel.


Finally, there is Wawamalu beach, which brings together lovers of water sports such as surfing, bodysurfing and bodyboarding. This is because the region has winds with an average speed of 30 km/h. It was also the constant frequency of big waves. For Visa Click Here

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