Thinking about a Trip, what you will do each day will depend a lot on your interests and, also, on any opportunity you have during the trip. An example in this sense is Expo 2020 – which I had the opportunity to visit on my last trip.

In the Trip that I will suggest for you, I will not put Expo 2020 on the schedule because this is a dated event and I do not know exactly when your trip will be. If you are going to travel in time to visit the Expo, then I recommend that you adjust the Trip for two full days in Dubai + the third day for the Expo (or even for a day trip to Abu Dhabi).
Considering these points, in general, I will open here a range of options that we can take into account at the beginning:

  • Option A: 3 full days in Dubai
  • Option B: 2 days in Dubai + 1 day to visit Expo 2020
  • Option C: 2 days in Dubai + 1 day to Abu Dhabi
  • Option D: 2 days in Dubai + 1 day for children

Speaking of the first option, which I will detail here, you have 3 days in Dubai to discover the main attractions of the city. A perfect option for those who want to make the trip more calmly and enjoy each day better.

For the other options, I’m going to make an adjustment to speed up your first two days a little bit, so you’ll have the third day free for an extra option: whether it’s Expo 2020, a day in Abu Dhabi or even, for those traveling to Dubai with kids, enjoy a day at Aquaventure Water Park – which I’ve already had the opportunity to visit and it’s amazing!

With this range of options, it will be much easier to organize the day to day of your trip. Remembering that all options are just suggestions and you can totally adjust this Trip according to your interests and also with the attractions that may arise over time in Dubai. Now let’s get to the day to day of the script!!

Trip in Dubai: day to day programming:

For the 3-day Trip in Dubai, I will consider that you will follow Option A that I mentioned above: 3 full days of travel in the city. I will also assume that you arrived in Dubai on the night flight and will have the first day of the trip starting in the morning – as well as your departure flight will be on the fourth day of travel in the morning, so that you have the full 3 days at the destination.

And to help even more with your organization and planning, I will also comment on the tickets, means of transport, where to stay and, to finish, I prepared a map with the points of this Trip. Take advantage of the menu below to browse the content and go directly to the point of interest

Al Seef, Frame and Burj Khalifa:

For the first day of the script, we will start very early. I recommend that you have your breakfast around 7 am, so that you can finish it and arrive in the Deira region, where the souks are located, around 9 am – which is the time when the stores are opening.

It is important to take into account the travel time from your hotel to this region. On my last trip, for example, one of the hotels I stayed at in Dubai was the Al Seef Heritage by Hilton, which is super close and doesn’t even need public transport – I just took a boat across the creek and arrived in the market area.
In the case of , which was another hotel I stayed in Dubai, it took me approximately 50 minutes by metro to get to the souks. Taking the Red Line, I had to get off at Burjuman station and change to the Green Line, then go to Al Ras station – the closest to the souks.

Gold and Spice Souk: Gold Market and Spice Market

I highly recommend that you start your Trip in this oldest region of Dubai. Both this area of ​​Deira, where the souks are located, and the other side of the river – Al Fahidi – are places that represent the ancient history of the city.

Arriving at the markets around 9 am is a good way to enjoy the souks more calmly. You will notice that the movement is increasing and, with that, the sellers are also more insistent – arriving early will give you a little more tranquility to walk through the markets.

Even so, it is important to go with patience and good humor to play with the sellers who recognize Indians 5km away. As you walk, they go on saying:

“Indian?? All is well? All is well?? Here it is good, beautiful and cheap!! Shakira Maria…. Indians are a lot of hard bread, and so on…”

As you will see, each souk is focused on a type of product: just as the Gold Souk is full of stores with gold jewelry, at the Spice Souk you will find all kinds of spices. There are also streets that sell fabrics, others that sell pots and others full of knick-knacks. If you have time, take the opportunity to get lost in the alleys of the souks and discover everything that is hidden there. For Visa Consultation Click here

But the tip you can’t help but use: haggle!! Much!! Arabs like to negotiate and are masters at it. Something that costs 150 dirhams can go for 40 and you’ll still wonder if it couldn’t have gone further.

Cross Dubai Creek on an abra:

After exploring Dubai’s ancient markets, it’s time to cross Dubai Creek in the most traditional way possible: boarding an abra. Mark the Deira Old Souk Abra Station on your map, so you can find it after the markets.

By otblizo