Fast food, amusement parks and super busy cities. These are usually the first images that come to mind when we think of the United States. Attractions like these really are part of the American charm, but the US is a country that offers many other tourism options, which appeal to travelers of all tastes and all ages.

For having been the stage of many events that marked the modern world, the United States is a full plate for those who love history, music and architecture. Cities like Washington DC, Philadelphia and Boston are great options for those who want to know in detail the history of the founding of the country.

For travelers who enjoy nature tourism and outdoor activities, the US offers a gigantic variety of the most varied natural landscapes, from the popular beaches of Miami Beach and Mission Beach, the snowy mountains of Aspen and several options of national parks , such as the arid Joshua Tree and the famous Grand Canyon.

In the music area, it is possible to create a script focused only on scenarios that inspired great names in rock ‘n’ roll, blues, jazz and country music, with places like Memphis, New Orleans, Chicago and Nashville.

The information in this article is based on research as well as my own travels around the country. I hope I can help anyone who is thinking of venturing out alone in the United States.


English is the official language of the United States and, precisely because of that, this is one of the most suitable countries for those who want to train their proficiency in the English language. American English is a little different from British English, especially when it comes to pronunciation.For Visitor visa click here

Useful phrases

  • Please please
  • Thank you – Thank you
  • Yes Sim
  • No – No
  • hello – hello
  • How much? – How much?Where is the bathroom? – Where is the toilet?


In the United States, the currency is the dollar. Prices for food, transport and attractions vary greatly depending on the city. New York and Los Angeles, for example, are more expensive than smaller cities like Chicago or New Orleans.


It is part of American culture to tip professionals who work serving the public, such as waitresses, drivers, tour guides, luggage carriers, etc. Tipping is not just seen as a “pleasure” but an “obligation” on the part of the customer. For Americans, it is considered impolite not to offer a “tip”.

In restaurants, the tip is calculated on top of the meal price. In most parts of the country, it is considered acceptable to tip at least 15%, but this percentage may vary by city.

The tip can be paid in cash, which you leave on the table, or it can be deducted directly from your card.


In most American cities, the price displayed on shelves and showcases is not the final value of the product, as taxes are only calculated at the checkout.

This is because US product tax prices are updated daily and also by county (the administrative territory the city belongs to). So don’t be surprised if the cashier charges you a little more than you expected.

Time zone:

As a huge country, the US has four time zones on the mainland (excluding Hawaii). So, depending on the month you travel, the time difference between UK and your destination can vary from 1 to 4 hours . This is because most of the country has daylight saving time, which starts in March and runs until November. So, before traveling, check it out to see the difference between the city you are going to and UK.

Power & outlets:

Voltage in the US is 120 volts and outlets have two parallel flat pins (Type A) that conform to North American, Chinese, and Japanese standards. You can also find outlets with two parallel flat pins and a round pin just below (type B).

So, don’t forget to pack a universal adapter so that you don’t have trouble carrying your gear. Remember to take this into account when buying electronics.

Travel & Vaccine Insurance:

At the time of writing this post (April 2019), no vaccine is required to enter the United States, but I always recommend that you get the yellow fever vaccine, so you will already be protected for any trip.

Travel insurance is not mandatory for tourists, but I always recommend that you travel with them, especially if you are traveling alone. It’s not a cost that will impact your trip, so be sure to hire one that fits in your pocket and can cover you in case of need.

The American healthcare system is completely private and if you have an accident or become ill, you will need to pay a large amount in dollars. To give you an idea, a simple visit to the emergency room can cost from US$150 to US$3,000, while the charge for calling an ambulance is between US$400 and US$1,200, according to information released by the International Health and Travel Insurance Group.

Visa & Documents:

If you are traveling to tour the US, you will need to issue a tourist visa. The tourist visa is called a B-2 and is valid for 10 years. It allows you to travel around the country for up to 3 months on each trip.

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