London tours:

Boat trip – without a doubt, an excellent opportunity to explore London from different angles. The London Eye River Cruise, for example, offers a 40-minute ride between Parliament and Tower Bridge. Those who prefer something more special can opt for the lunches and dinners offered on board by City Cruises.

Queen’s walk – on the South bank, on the banks of the river, is this scenic pedestrian-only walk. To get the most out of the tour, start at Westminster Bridge and continue to the surroundings of Millennium Bridge: you will pass the London Eye Ferris wheel, followed by a series of other points, such as the South bank Centre. Along the way, you will also find several restaurants and bars that are worth a visit for a complete meal or drink, with a beautiful view as a backdrop.

Portobello Road Market – on Saturdays, the Notting Hill neighborhood hosts one of the most famous and coolest fairs in London, the Portobello market. The visit is worth a lot, both for those who want to do some shopping and for those who just want to know and feel the vibrant atmosphere of the place. There you can find all kinds of objects and also a lot of delicious food.

Camden Town – the neighborhood gained fame after revealing the British singer Amy Winehouse to the world. There, visitors will see people of all tribes, the unmissable Super busy markets, up Camden High Street. In addition to many stalls with food from various parts of the world, including Brazil, the markets sell clothes, accessories, handicrafts and much more. Excellent for those who don’t miss the chance to do some shopping.

Stonehenge – the mysterious engineering masterpiece built by the Neolithics is located 130 km from London and is simply not to be missed. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the stone circle built in 3000 BC on Salisbury Plain, southern England, is considered the most important prehistoric monument in the country. While some experts believe that Stonehenge was built to anticipate phenomena such as eclipses, others say the site was used for religious purposes. At attractions near London we show you all the details of the place, including the easiest ways to access it.

Spital fields City Farm – the “little farm” with a vegetable garden, animals such as donkeys, goats, gardens and much more is an excellent attraction for anyone visiting London with children. On the official website it is possible to check the opening hours throughout the year, remembering that entry is completely free.

Abbey Road crosswalk – the famous crosswalk, cover of the Beatles’ Abbey Road album, is in front of the studio of the same name and attracts many tourists in love with the English band. Most of them try to reproduce the photo of the record in which Ringo, Lennon, Paul and George cross the track, one after the other. To find the correct crosswalk, take the subway to St. John’s Wood station and from there walk about 400 meters towards the studio.

Piccadilly Circus – one of the most popular tourist areas in London, Piccadilly Circus ends up being a true meeting point in the central area of ​​the English capital, at any time of the day, night and for people of all ages. There you will find the statue of Eros and you will also be able to take pictures in front of the famous electronic sign.

Harry Potter studios – fans of the saga cannot fail to include a visit to Warner Bros. Absolutely everything on display at the location was used during the filming of all the films, inspired by the classic by author J.K. Rowling. There are sets, costumes, not to mention that the visitor will see up close how the special effects used in the filming were produced. The ticket can be purchased online.

London parks:

Hyde Park – the park receives more than 7 million people every year. An extensive area full of greenery, cycling tracks, a lake where it is possible to take a boat ride, cafes/restaurants, as well as lawns ideal for delicious picnics. On site, which is open daily from 5 am to midnight, there is a fountain in honor of Princess Diana. For Visa Contact here

Kensington Palace and Kensington Gardens – right next to Hyde Park, within walking distance, are Kensington Gardens. There are 111 hectares in total, full of greenery and beautiful architecture. The gardens actually surround Kensington Palace, where Princess Diana lived and which is currently the official residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate. The palace is open to visitors throughout the year.

Holland Park and Kyoto Garden – the 22.5 hectare park is located in the Kensington/Chelsea neighborhood and is home to a green haven that looks more like a painting, it’s so perfect: the Kyoto Garden. Donated by the Japanese City Chamber of Commerce in 1991, the venue was built to celebrate the Japan Festival in 1992.

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