First and foremost, you should know that any failure where you have not been able to identify the cause, entrust it to a specialist like me ’. But before calling an emergency services company.

Here are our 6 plumbing tips to give you better visibility into all the situations that can happen to you.

  • Watch out for water leaks
  • The flows often arrive at the joints. Watch for humidity in the area and don’t wait until the last moment to make repairs, the damage can be expensive.

The flowing faucet, the classic situation:

It is not only a sound that irritates, it is also your money which flows and an overconsumption of water for the planet… If you are experiencing the sound of the drip from your tap on a daily basis, you should know that it is possible to stop that stressful sound and try to fix your faucet on your own. If your problem persists despite installing a new gasket, contact a professional plumber.

  • The bane of the shower with low pressure flow
  • If your water pressure suddenly changes and drops while you are showering, it is unpleasant. Pay attention to the cause of the problem:
  • Is this a problem with the pressure regulator?
  • Is your piping old?
  • Is the water meter fully open?

Chemicals to Avoid:

Sink plugs can be difficult at times, caused by hair, grease or food scraps. Unclogging a sink in extreme cases requires the use of a chemical, but it should not be overused as it can be harmful. Opt for the use of a piston suction cup.

Maintenance of the boiler or water heater is necessary:

Annual maintenance is necessary to guarantee the longevity of your boiler and to maintain the good quality of your domestic water.

Always use a professional:

In all homes, plumbing problems are very common. One of the  plumbers will solve your problem quickly. Make an appointment online or by phone for your plumbing problems 24/7 are carried out urgently or by appointment.


By otblizo