To perform local SEO, you will need to employ some optimization strategies, just as you would any traditional SEO strategy.

In addition to SEO tactics, it is necessary to focus on geo marketing, which consists of combining geo location with the company’s marketing strategy.

For that, you can use some resources to help you establish your business in your locality or even in another place where you believe you will be able to attract more customers.

We’re talking about Google My Business, which allows you to include information about your business. The search engine will pull the local data through it to be displayed on the SERP (results pages).

Local SEO Strategies

Google My Business:

It is a free tool from Google that allows your business to appear in local recommendations as well as other Google tools such as Google Maps and the Google results page.

It is possible to list the services that the company provides, as well as the area of ​​operation. Another advantage of Google My Business is that it includes the Google Post feature, which allows you to post news about your business, similar to what happens on social media.

If you have an event or promotion, for example, these posts will be shown to users when they search for or are near your business.

It is essential to keep your address up to date. To verify that the address belongs to you, Google sends you a card with a confirmation code to validate your account.

In addition, the platform sends a monthly report detailing searches related to your brand and access to photos published on Google My Business. With this, you will be able to find more detailed information about the situation of your company through Google searches.

Importance of updated data:

It is extremely important that you keep your company’s registration information (name, telephone number and address) up to date. When we talk about local SEO, this information needs to be a priority. With this data always up to date, you can think about publications, photos of the place and services performed.

In addition, having a website is essential, as we know that before visiting a particular company, the vast majority of users search for information and reviews on the web. So that you are always one step ahead of competitors, keep all your data always up to date and with relevant content.

Google Maps:

This platform is the one we use whenever we need to find an address quickly. We were able to determine the distance to a specific location and even see suggested routes using Google Maps.

Your business can be found on Google Maps thanks to Google My Business. With these two platforms, your organic results in local searches will be much better.

See vital details to be linked to Google Maps?

Include the site in Google My Business;
Enter the address correctly;
Inform opening hours;
Provide contact numbers;
If any, inform events held by the company;
Provide a description of the company so that users can get to know your company better;
Track comments and ratings.
All these points are key to optimizing your company’s local searches and gaining many more leads.

Local keyword Research:

When we need to locate a business in a specific location, we do a search by entering the desired city we are looking for. For example, “SEO Consultant in Delhi“. Sometimes we can be more specific by looking for the neighborhood.

If you own a local business and produce relevant content, resorting to a keyword search is a great way to find out how to stand out in your field. One strategy that can help you get more results is to do a search using related terms in nearby cities to understand what users are looking for. All you need to do now is apply it to your content marketing strategies.

Do you understand how Local SEO can be essential and very beneficial for your business? If you have questions about how to use this and other digital marketing strategies, contact our team and request more information!

By otblizo