If you want to have the experience of living in another country, you need to know the options of the best countries to live in, ensuring greater satisfaction in this choice.

Many Indians wish to live for a while or forever in another country. However, this decision involves many aspects, in addition to the desire to live in a new place.

Before choosing the countries to live in, it is necessary to know about the immigration process and the attractions to know whether or not it is a good place to immigrate. So, check out in this post the 5 best countries to live in.


Ireland is one of the favorite countries to live in for many young Indians, one of the reasons is its ease of immigrating.

This choice is mainly made for those who intend to go to studies, as Ireland is a country where the main language is English, making it easier for those who want to learn the English language, in addition to being a place with a low cost of living, when compared to other European countries.

Dublin, the country’s capital, is the most sought after destination by immigrants, however, there are other places in Ireland that are smaller and less populated, but offer good conditions and quality of life for residents.

As the capital of the country, the cost of living in Dublin is higher. However, it is possible to choose other great cities to live in Ireland, such as:

  • Cork
  • Gal way
  • Waterford
  • Limerick

The immigration process can take time and requires preparation, as it has some requirements, such as:

  • Passport;
  • To study, proof of enrollment in a course of at least 15 hours per week, 6 months in length and the school must have Learner Protection;
  • Proof of residence in the country, minimum period of one week;
  • Pay the IRP issuance fee, mandatory to live, study and work in Ireland;
  • Proof of $500 per month to live in the country;

International health insurance covering the entire length of your stay.:

Requirements and values ​​may change without notice. Therefore, consult the Irish consulate and verify that the requirements are still valid at the time of your application.  For Visitor Visa in Australia Click Here

2. Spain:

Spain is one of the most chosen destinations by Indians who chose other countries to live. The ease with the language, the location and the climate that, at many times of the year, resembles that of Ind, are some of the reasons why Spain is among the best places to live.

Indians look for some cities in Spain to emigrate, the main ones are Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville.

Some advantages of living in Spain are:

  • Country located close to other European countries such as Italy and Portugal;
  • Ease with the language;
  • Good job opportunities;
  • Pleasant weather most of the year;

Access to a rich culture, attractions and quality education.
Some ways to live in Spain:

  • Have dual  citizenship;
  • Study, work or entrepreneur visa;
  • Non-profit temporary residence visa;

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