The brand innovates in its water heating technology. To install a gas heater correctly, we will explain all the precautions that must be taken.

The first indication is that the entire process is carried out by a professional accredited by the brand, as he has all the technical knowledge to carry out the installation safely and ensure the proper functioning of the product.

It determines:

  • General requirements;
  • What are the types of appliances;
  • How should the opening and ventilation be;
  • The types of environments;
  • exhausts;
  • The installation.
  • Recommendations for installing a gas heater
  • Every detail of the gas heating appliance needs due attention to get the expected results.

Heater chimney:

Starting with the chimney, which must always be positioned outside the place and use the appropriate materials. The length related to the chimney duct can reach up to 3 m.

The chimney cannot have contact with a surface made of wood, so it is not installed in this type of material. Click here to get the water heater repair service

The duct for the chimney must be individual from 80 mm to 100 mm with an adapter and clamp.

The seal needs to ensure that the gases do not return to the device, so the professional performs the necessary unions to ensure that there is no problem when the customer uses the heater.

Hot water pipe:

It is advisable to install a 1m hot water pipe along with the heater inlet so that, if there is any water return, there is a control. Copper or CPVC piping is recommended.


The room must have adequate ventilation for the heater to work properly. A qualified professional can develop the best solutions to suit the device to the location.

Installation tests:

It is important that the installer checks that there is no leakage of water (hot or cold) and gas (using foam).

Another essential procedure is to turn on the appliance, leave the hot water valve fully open and check the heater. Wait 15 seconds before closing the registry. Then repeat the same procedure.

Before putting the plug in the socket, the water, gas and electrical voltage register is checked so that the customer can use the device and enjoy the convenience of having heated water with a control of up to 16 temperature variations. Read More blogs here

Indication of an efficient heater:

One of the most suitable heaters for this purpose is the Heater capable of:

  • 4 showers of 8 liters per minute; 3 showers of 10 liters per minute; 2 showers of 15 liters per minute;
  • 1 shower of 20 liters per minute; 1 shower of 25 liters per minute.
  • Available for use with natural gases and LPG gases.

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