We reveal ten little and big secrets to experience the perfect trip. With just one request: don’t keep them all to yourself, let them spin.

Orient yourself, with the right paper:

You’ve probably played Scotland Yard or a board game where you need a map at least once, right? Remember how fun and challenging it was? Ok, when you are serious about traveling, having the right card with you becomes even crucial. Packing it in your suitcase proves to be the winning move, not only because it will never abandon you, unlike the batteries of a smartphone. Especially since it is only by consulting a good road map that you can find the right routes and connections, even mental ones.

There is an app for you:

Road maps are fantastic, but to keep up with the times you have to learn to look with curiosity and attention even in the store of your smartphone. Apple, Google or Windows: their stores are a mine of apps for travelers too, not just to pass the time on the subway with some puzzles.

Medicines, do not neglect them:

Okay, globalization also has its advantages and it is very likely that the drug you need is everywhere. But why risk it? Even just to soothe a headache in the middle of the night, it’s a good idea to start with a small travel medication kit. For ATV Rental Click Here

How do you cope with taboos?

Learning at least a little about local customs and traditions is always an excellent choice. Not only if you are leaving for an ‘exotic’ destination.

SOS: emergency phrases:

Does learning Japanese seem like an insurmountable undertaking? And then … is there always English? It is not so. Even in a super contemporary city like Tokyo, few people understand English, while millions will give you a smile and help if you learn at least a few words in the local language. In our guides, for this very reason, there is always a small phrase book. Read it, and you will tell us: arighato (thank you).

Play early:

With the swarm of online booking sites, the booking gold rush was unleashed with enormous advance. It may seem trivial to you, but being timely often turns out to be the best, and above all, the most convenient approach to travel. Which does not mean being rushed. Inquire, evaluate or then, come on, book! For Travel Visa Consult here

Get inspired:

Traveling, a bit like in love, a lot depends on the seduction that a place exerts, in a person’s imagination or in the collective one. For this, in addition to publishing guides, we create content for our website. Read them and … get inspired.

Leave a trace:

Unless you have chosen to change your life, it is advisable to inform friends and relatives of your travel itinerary before leaving. For the most extreme adventures or for the most difficult countries, it is advisable to register on the website, managed by our Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Gadgets: not just fun:

Have you ever walked into a hotel or hostel room and failed to plug the charger or razor into the socket? Oh yes, in this world, fortunately, we are not all the same and this also applies to electrical sockets. Pack a good universal adapter: you can find James Bond envied on the market! And if you’ve got a taste for looking for travel gadgets, find out which are our favorites.

Light is better:

Finally, the definitive mantra, valid for all travelers, wherever they are headed. Travel light, reduce not only the weight, but also the number of luggage to a minimum. Better to have a single large bag than four backpacks that are easy to lose or forget lying around. Packing a suitcase is also an art.

By otblizo