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The operation and safety tips are covered in detail. This video tape shows the dismantling of the buffalo chopper, the safety features, and how to set up the chopper for use. Chef Paul shows how to set up a roast for carving. Here Chef Paul shows steps to broil strip steaks. Here is a tape showing two standard steam cookers: a vischer jet cooker and a steam jacketed kettle. Broiling is a fast, radiant heat type of cooking and is easy to master if you follow the techniques contained in this tape. French frying is a common cooking method used in food service. Chef Paul demonstrates frying and braising principles used in cooking. Demonstrates how to set work coordinate offsets on a Bridgeport Interact 412 with Fanuc control. CNC machine operations, numerical control. Provides an overview of the functionality of the Kearney/Trecker Milling Machine and demonstrates how to safely operate it.

Provides an overview of the Makino MC 40 horizontal machining center and its functionality. Provides an overview of the functionality of the Dixie horizontal boring machine and demonstrates how to safely operate the machine. Provides an overview of the functionality of the Blond LeBlond 15″ engine lathe and demonstrates how to safely operate the machine. Demonstrates the operation of the Bridgeport Series I milling machine. Covers the controls and operation of a Bridgeport Series II milling machine. CNC machine numerical control operations. Instructor Wade King demonstrates how to load a program into a Bridgeport Series I milling machine by direct numerical control. Demonstrates how to program a numerical control machine using absolute and incremental modes. Demonstrates how to program a numerical control machine using absolute mode. Explains the basic principles behind CNC, computerized numerical control. Basic milling procedures for milling machines. Makes a direct comparison to the Bridgeport Series I milling machine.

Introduction to the basic codes used to program a CNC machine. Demonstrates how to load a program into a computer’s memory through physical input using a keypad and by tape using a Makino MC 40 machining center. Demonstrates how to use the taper attachment on an engine lathe to cut a taper on a work piece. Demonstrates the proper grinding sequence needed to square the six sides of a block shaped work piece to 90 degrees using a surface grinder. Here Chef Paul demonstrates the procedure used to debone a chicken breast and ready it for production into an entree. Here he creates a braised chicken entree and frys chopped sirloin for luncheon item. The dish, Cordon Bleu, is prepared step-by-step to show the viewer how to successfully fill, roll and present this entree. “Plaintiffs’ evidence will show Garcia is a serial sexual assailant,” Holm writes, “who uses the secrecy of the circumstances to assault young, vulnerable women off-camera for his own personal pleasure. Chef Paul uses a blonde roux and light stock to show how a veloute sauce is created. Took successful cam streaming is less brightness of light source in inserted into the model to determine the biological.

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